CONTENTS №2 2017


Dmitry Redin, Larisa Soboleva. The Enlightenment: From Peter I’s Tour to the Ideas of Catherine II’s Era


Peter the Great’s Second European Tour (1716--1717)

Anne Mezin. The Preparations for Peter the Great’s Trip to France

Sergey Mezin. The Paris of Peter the Great

Steven Müller. Tsar Peter I’s Visit to Paris in 1717: The View from the Viennese Court

Alexey Morokhin. ‘Such an Evil Road I Have Never Seen’: Tsarina Ekaterina Alekseevna’s Trip Through Germany at the End of 1716

Practices of European Enlightenment in 18th-century Russia

Evgeny Akelyev. When did Peter the Great Order Beards Shaved?

Matthew Binney. Empire, Spectacle and the Patriot King: British Responses to Eighteenth-Century Russian Empire

Tatiana Abramzon, Aleksey Petrov. Odic Versions of the ‘Social Contract’ in 18th-century Russia

Tatiana Akimova. ‘Gallant Dialogue’ in Catherine’s II Memoirs

Angelina Vacheva. Her Majesty Catherine II’s Censorship

Natalya Dvortsova. Pankratiy Sumarokov’s Uchilishche lyubvi (School of Love) as a Meeting Space for Russia and Europe


Dmitry Redin, Dmitry Serov. Peter the Great’s Second Voyage to Europe in the Letters of Baron P. P. Shafirov to Prince A. D. Menshikov (1716--1717)

Lorenz Erren. ‘Difficult Winds’: The Cancellation of the Schonen Expedition from the Perspective of the Prussian Ambassador Friedrich Ernst von Cynphausen

Armelle Le Goff, Olga Okuneva. Peter the Great’s Acquisition of Anatomical Models in France: The Contract and Its Consequences


Hartmut Rüß. 8/9 May 1945 and the Long Shadows of War

Valery Mokienko. Biblical Motifs in Modern Donbass Poetry

Irina Dergacheva. The Angelology of the Explanatory Palaea and the Problem of Theodicy


Tamara Kondratieva. Boris F. Porshnev: Between Russian and French History or On Chance in a Historian’s Life

Controversiae et recensiones

Alexander Filyushkin. “The Mobilisation of Middle Ages” as a Search for Identity: How Belarus Wants to Leave Behind the Historical Heritage of the Russian Empire and the USSR