Contents № 3 2017


Konstantin Bugrov, Larisa Soboleva. Revolutionary 1917: Reflections a Hundred Years Later


The Russian Revolution 1917–2017 as Seen from afar

Veniamin Alekseyev, Konstantin Zubkov, Igor Poberezhnikov. Big Challenges in the History of Imperial Russia: Civilisational and Geopolitical Dimensions

Sergey Nefedov. The Food Crisis in Petrograd on the Eve of the February Revolution

George Gilbert. Women, Nationalism and the Russian Right (1905–1917)

Oleg Gorbachev. ‘Hey, Guberniyas, Raise your Anchors!’: Land Development in Bolshevik Mythology

James Harris. The Bolshevik Party Transformed: Stalin’s Rise to Power (1917–1927)

Marina Salamatova. Voting Qualifications in Russia and abroad in the First Third of the 20th Century: The Letter of the Law and Reality

Piotr Bednarz. The Perception of the Russian Revolution of 1917 in the Swiss Press: Main Notes

Korine Amacher. Lev Kamenev at Nestor Makhno’s (Huliaipole, May 1919): The Four Stages of a Narrativ

Giovanni Maniscalco Basile. Mayakovsky’s Bedbug: Revolution, Time, and Utopiae


Nikolai Baranov. World War I and the Russian Revolution in the Memoirs of German Officer Wilhelm Wölfing


Valery Maroshi. A Quest for a New Eden: “Emperor of Madagascar” Maurice Benyovszky and His Russian Companions

Irina Dergacheva. The Angelology of the Explanatory Palaea and the Problem of Theodicy

Tamara Matveeva. Measuring the Energy of a Text


Tamara Kondratyeva. Boris F. Porshnev: Between Russian and French History, or On the Role of Chance in a Historian’s Life


Yuri Smirnov. The Russian Empire: From Colonisation to Revolution

Yulia But. The Concept of Nation: Russian and European Contexts

Vladimir Zemtsov. Russia and the Napoleonic Wars: 200 Years Later