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Abramzon, Tatyana (Russian Federation)
Akeliev, Evgeny
Akhmetshin, Ruslan (Russian Federation)
Akimova, Tatiana (Russian Federation)
Alekseev, Yevgeny (Russian Federation)
Alekseyev, Evgeny (Russian Federation)
Alekseyev, Veniamin (Russian Federation)
Amacher, Korine (Switzerland)
Ananiev, Vitaly (Russian Federation)
Antoshin, Aleksey Valer'evich (Russian Federation)
Arakcheev, Vladimir, Institute of History and Archeology of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation)
Arakcheev, Vladimir Anatol'evich
Arakcheev, Vladimir (Russian Federation)
Arakcheev, Vladimir, Ural Federal University, Institute of History and Archaeology, Russian Academy of Science (Ural Branch), Yekaterinburg, Russia (Russian Federation)
Arakcheev, Vladimir


Babintsev, Vladimir
Babintsev, Vladimir (Russian Federation)
Bakanov, Sergey (Russian Federation)
Baranov, Nikolai (Russian Federation)
Baranov, Nikolai
Basile, Giovanni Maniscalco (Italy)
Basile, Giovanni Maniscalco (Italy)
Basile, Giovanni Maniscalco, Third Rome University (Italy)
Bednarz, Piotr (Poland)
Beglov, Alexey Lvovich (Russian Federation)
Bekasova, Aleksandra (Russian Federation)
Belyakova, Irina (Russian Federation)
Bentsianov, Mikhail, Independent Researcher (Russian Federation)
Bentsianov, Mikhail Mihajlovich (Russian Federation)
Berezovich, Elena Lvovna (Russian Federation)
Berezovich, Elena (Russian Federation)
Bertolissi, Sergio (Italy)
Biktasheva, Alsu, National Research University –Higher School of Economics, Moscow (Russian Federation)
Board, Editorial, Ural Federal Univercity (Russian Federation)
Borisova, Valentina, Institute of Philological Education and Cross-Cultural Communications of Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after M. Akmulla, Ufa (Russian Federation)
Bryukhanova, Elena (Russian Federation)
Budrina, Ludmila, Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts (Russian Federation)
Bugrov, Constantin
Bugrov, Konstantin
Bugrov, Konstantin, Ural Federal University (Russian Federation)
Bugrov, Konstantin (Russian Federation)
Bugrov, Konstantin, Institute of History and Archeology of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Federation)
Burdenkov, Yevgeny (Russian Federation)
Bushmakov, Andrey Valentinovich (Russian Federation)
But, Yulia (Russian Federation)
Bykov, Leonid (Russian Federation)


Cantoni, Roberto, Université Paris-Est (École des Ponts ParisTech, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée) (Italy)
Caroli, Dorena, University of Macerata (Italy)
Chernikov, Sergey (Russian Federation)
Chernikov, Sergey
Coudenys, Wim (Belgium)
Coudenys, Wim, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium)


Dadykina, Margarita, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russian Federation)
Dergacheva, Irina (Russian Federation)
Dergacheva, Irina
Dmitrieva, Anna (Russian Federation)
Dmitrieva, Lidia (Russian Federation)
Donskikh, Oleg (Russian Federation)
Dubman, Edward, Samara State University, Samara (Russian Federation)
Dunning, Chester
Dvortsova, Natalya (Russian Federation)
Dyachkova, Natalia Aleksandrovna (Russian Federation)


Efremova, Elena Nikolaevna (Russian Federation)
Efremova, Elena, Sverdlovsk Regional Universal Library named after V. G. Belinsky (Russian Federation)
Ermakova, Olga, Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Ural Federal University (Russian Federation)
Ermakova, Olga Konstantinovna (Russian Federation)
Erren, Lorenz (Germany)


Filiushkin, Alexander Il'ich (Russian Federation)
Filyushkin, Alexander (Russian Federation)
Flade, Falk, Europa Universität Viadrina (Germany)
Flierl, Thomas (Germany)
Franchi, Fulvio (Argentina)


Galkina, Yulia (Russian Federation)
Gasparov, Boris Mihajlovich (United States)
Gilbert, George (United Kingdom)

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