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№ 4 (2015) 'Syndicat des Affaires russes' et son rôle dans la formation du complexe militaro-industriel de la Russie à la veille Première Guerre Mondiale Аннотация   PDF
Svetlana Kouzmina
№ 2 (2016) 1968: One Year in the Life of a Soviet Americanist, or American Influence at Home and Abroad during the Cold War Аннотация   PDF
Sergei Zhuk
№ 4 (2016) 1968: One Year in the Life of a Soviet Americanist, or American Influence at Home and Abroad during the Cold War (Part 2) Аннотация   PDF
Sergei Zhuk
№ 2 (2017) 8–9 мая 1945 года и длинные тени войны Аннотация   PDF
Hartmut Rüß
№ 4 (2015) A Tribute to Elizaveta Ubryatova: Scholarly Life and Personal Destiny Аннотация   PDF
Natalya Shirobokova
№ 2 (2016) Aspirations of Home in Post-Soviet Russia: Domestic Spaces and National Resonances in Andrei Zviagintsev’s Elena Аннотация   PDF
Andrew McGregor, Robert Lagerberg
№ 2 (2016) Bifurcations, Discontinuities and the ‘Russian Trace’ in the Construction of the Ukrainian Nation Аннотация   PDF
Iakov Lazarev
№ 4 (2015) Breach of Faith? Italian-Soviet Cold War Trading and ENI's 'International Oil Scandal' Аннотация   PDF
Roberto Cantoni
№ 1 (2014) Commemorative literary monuments in ancient Russia Аннотация   PDF (English)
Irina Dergacheva
№ 3 (2016) Constructivism in the Urals: 21st century studies Аннотация   PDF
Postnikov Sergey, Leonid Smirnov
№ 2 (2014) Cultural transfer as a field for the observation of historical cultural studies. The example of the Russian empire Аннотация   PDF (English)
Jan Kusber
№ 1 (2017) Cибирский север: динамика образа –от Barren grounds к Northern plain Аннотация   PDF
Evgeny Gololobov
№ 2 (2017) Der Aufenthalt Peters I in Paris 1717 aus Sicht des Wiener Hofes Аннотация   PDF
Steven Müller
№ 1 (2013) Der deutsch-russische Unternehmer Andreas Knauf im Ural Der Аufstieg Аннотация   PDF (English)
Andreas Keller
№ 4 (2016) Dostoevsky and Tokarzewski: Two Sides of the Same Plot Model Аннотация   PDF
Alexander Shunkov, Irina Yurtaeva
№ 1 (2014) Dramatic destiny of Nikolay Voskresenskiy, a russian law historian Аннотация   PDF (English)
Dmitriy Serov
№ 1 (2016) Eine wichtige Quellenedition der russischen Geschichte des 17. Jahrhunderts Аннотация   PDF
Stephan Troebst
№ 1 (2013) Formation of the 17th Century Intellectual Elite and the Works of Prokhor Kolomniatin Аннотация   PDF (English)
Olga Kosheleva
№ 1 (2014) Image of the German enemy as perceived by Russian army soldiers during world war I Аннотация   PDF (English)
Olga Porshneva
№ 2 (2016) Images of the Russian People and Russia in the Contemporary English Novel Аннотация   PDF
Olga Sidorova
№ 1 (2016) Ivan the Terrible’s stichera: the idea of russia’s spiritual elevation Аннотация   PDF
Nikolai Parfentyev, Natalia Parfentyeva
№ 2 (2014) Law and power. The idea of sovereignty in 16th century Russia Аннотация   PDF (English)
Giovanni Maniscalco Basile
№ 1 (2014) Les cosaques dans les yeux des français, a l’heure de la campagne de 1814: contribution a une histoire des images et des representations en temps de guerre Аннотация   PDF (English)
Marie-Pierre Rey
№ 4 (2015) Les investissements français en Russie de 1857 à 1914. Conseils, expertises et stratégies Аннотация   PDF
Claeys Thierry
№ 2 (2017) Les préliminaires du voyage de Pierre le Grand en France Аннотация   PDF
Anne Mézin
№ 2 (2017) L’acquisition en France d’une cire anatomique pour Pierre le Grand: autour d’un traité et de ses suites Аннотация   PDF
Armelle Le Goff, Olga Okuneva
№ 2 (2017) Matthew Binney. Empire, Spectacle and the Patriot King: British Responses to Eighteenth-Century Russian Empire Аннотация   PDF
Binney Matthew
№ 3 (2014) Moscow in 1666: New Jerusalem, Third Rome, Third Apostasy Аннотация   PDF (English)
Maureen Perrie
№ 1 (2016) North by North-West Аннотация   PDF
Gunnar Thorvaldsen
№ 1 (2013) Old Belief in the Mirror of Literary Work Аннотация   PDF (English)
Larisa Soboleva, Olga Zhuravel
№ 3 (2014) On the Trans-Siberian with Sylvester Stallone: National Identity and Brand Identity in Post-socialist Russia Аннотация   PDF (English)
Graham Roberts
№ 3 (2014) Orthodox Education in the Baltic provinces of Imperial Russia and independent Estonia from 1840s till 1941 Аннотация   PDF (English)
Irina Paert, Toomas Schvak
№ 3 (2015) Paris-Wien-St. Petersburg oder Alger-Brno-Charkiv?: Wissenstransfer und die ‚composite states‘ Аннотация   PDF
Jan Surman
№ 1 (2013) Political Organization in the Pskov Republic: the Prince, the Veche and Sovereignty Аннотация   PDF (English)
Vladimir Arakcheev
№ 1 (2013) Political Struggle in Russia in the Summer of 1645 and Oath of Allegiance Registries Аннотация   PDF (English)
Denis Lyapin
№ 1 (2013) Préface de l’éditeur Аннотация   PDF (English)
Francine-Dominique Liechtenhan
№ 4 (2016) Religiosity from Russia to Norway: the Orthodox and the Jews in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries Аннотация   PDF
Gunnar Thorvaldsen
№ 3 (2015) Russia in 1914: Reasons for Defeat and the Cost of Future Victories (from a Discussion of British Historians) Аннотация   PDF
Norman Stone
№ 1 (2015) Russia in the Destinies of Foreign Nationals Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva
№ 4 (2016) Russian Poets on Death and the Dead Аннотация   PDF
Asuta Yamaji
№ 1 (2016) Sergey Chekhonin: the sickle and the hammer or the monster cockroach (Tarakanishсhe) Аннотация   PDF
Sergey Golynets
№ 3 (2014) Sergey Kashtanov. Historiographer of the Russian and European Middle Ages Аннотация   PDF (English)
Lyubov’ Viktorovna Stolyarova, Svetlana Jur'evna Koroleva
№ 1 (2015) Sergey Kashtanov: Historiographer of the Russian and European middle ages Аннотация   PDF
Lyubov’ Stolyarova, Svetlana Koroleva
№ 3 (2016) The 4th CIAM Congress in Moscow. Preparation and Failure (1928–1933) Аннотация   PDF
Thomas Flierl
№ 4 (2015) The Algebra of Happiness: Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We Аннотация   PDF
Giovanni Maniscalco Basile
№ 2 (2017) The Epoch of the Enlightenment: From the Voyages of Peter I to the Ideas of the Catherinian Period Аннотация   PDF
Dmitry Redin, Larisa Soboleva
№ 1 (2014) The German-Russian entrepreneur Andreas Knauf: apractical man in the Urals Аннотация   PDF (English)
Andreas Keller
№ 1 (2013) The History of Literature and its Ethnopoetics: Realization of a Large Scale Project Аннотация   PDF (English)
Tatiana Snigireva
№ 1 (2017) The image of siberia in zedler’s encyclopaedia (1732–1754) Аннотация   PDF
Klaus Steinke
№ 1 (2014) The literary interpretation of Edwin Erich dwinger’s war experience Аннотация   PDF (English)
Georg Wurzer
№ 2 (2016) The Reception of G. Herwegh’s Personality and Work in Russian Culture: from Revolutionary Pathos to a Scandalous Love Affair Аннотация   PDF
Natalia Nikonova, Lidia Dmitrieva
№ 4 (2015) The Utopia of Personality: Moisei Ginzburg’s Project for the Moscow Park of Culture and Leisure Аннотация   PDF
Alla Vronskaya
№ 1 (2017) Urban occupations in a siberian city (Tobolsk, 1897) Аннотация   PDF
Elena Bryukhanova, Vladimir Vladimirov
№ 1 (2017) Urban space and its representation Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, Andrey Keller
№ 2 (2014) Vilno against Moscow Аннотация   PDF (English)
Vladimir Anatol'evich Arakcheev
№ 2 (2015) Vox redactoris Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, Dmitry Redin
№ 3 (2015) Vox redactoris Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, Dmitry Redin
№ 4 (2016) Vox Redactoris Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, James White
№ 2 (2016) Vox redactoris. Challenges of the Times and the Adaptability of Humanity Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, Konstantin Bugrov
№ 3 (2016) Vox redactoris. The Creation of Social Space in Russia: From Slavery to Constructivism Аннотация   PDF
Vladimir Arakcheev, Konstantin Bugrov
№ 1 (2016) Vox redactoris. To understand russia with your head and heart Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, Julia Zapariy
№ 4 (2015) Vox redactoris. Сказки и были советской утопии Аннотация   PDF
Larisa Soboleva, Konstantin Bugrov
№ 4 (2016) Waves of Infinity in the Goblet of Imagination Аннотация   PDF
Oleg Donskikh
№ 1 (2014) Were muscovy and castile the first fiscal-military states? Аннотация   PDF (English)
Chester Dunning
№ 2 (2015) Wildfire in A. K. Denisov-Uralsky’s Canvases: Destinies of the Paintings Аннотация   PDF
Ludmila Budrina
№ 3 (2015) Wissenschaftliche, technologische und finanzielle Investitionen und Interaktionen europäischer Staaten im Zarenreich und die Vorzeichen des Ersten Weltkriegs seit der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jh. Аннотация   PDF
Kerstin Susanne Jobst, Francine-Dominique Liechtenhan
№ 1 (2015) With the Truth or with Christ? Lars von Trier’s Dialogue with Fyodor Dostoyevsky Аннотация   PDF
Olga Turysheva
№ 1 (2014) World War I Prisoners of War Graves in the Urals: Modern State Аннотация   PDF (English)
Vladimir Motrevich, Alexandr Smykalin
№ 3 (2015) Zwei Imperien und ihr geheimes Wissen voneinander. Überlegungen zu einer Geschichte der militärischen Nachrichtendienste in Österreich-Ungarn und in Russland in den Jahren vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg Аннотация   PDF
Verena Moritz
№ 4 (2015) «Ein glänzendes Zeugnis des sozialistischen Internationalismus» – Planung und Bau der Erdgasleitung „Sojuz“ (1974 – 1979) Аннотация   PDF
Falk Flade
№ 2 (2017) «Widrige Winde»: Der Abbruch der schonischen Expedition aus der Sicht des preußischen Gesandten, des Freiherrn Friedrich Ernst von Cnyphausen Аннотация   PDF
Lorenz Erren
№ 2 (2017) «Галантный диалог» с самой собой в мемуарах Екатерины II Аннотация   PDF
Tatiana Akimova
№ 3 (2015) «Если нет культуры, то нет и истории…»: традиционная культура оленеводов северной Камчатки в постсоветский период Аннотация   PDF
Takashi Irimoto
№ 4 (2016) «Жесткий арестантский халат» в «беллетристическом гардеробе» А. П. Чехова: «Остров Сахалин» Аннотация   PDF
Elena Sozina
№ 4 (2015) «Звучание тишины»: контрасты и парадоксы сталинской эпохи в газетной графике Аннотация   PDF
Evgeny Alekseyev
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