O.N. Priemets, K.I. Samoilov, A.K. Zhubanova


Ornamentation of the various elements of the facades is sufficiently a widespread method of the architectural composition. For historical and architectural analysis it would be expedient to have such tool as a quantitavely formalized measure of saturation of the facades with ornamented elements. To create this tool, it is necessary to distinguish several groups of architectural elements in the compositional decision of which ornaments were applied. These elements can be: ornamented cornices and sashes, columns and pilasters, platbands and framing, decorative panels and inserts. As an example, we use the process of development of the architecture of Almaty in the late XIX – early XXI centuries. There is a presence of pronounced regional specific in the architecture of Kazakhstan of the XX century and it can be used as a basis for formalization. This formalization is built up on the development of ornament which has a number of prominent features in the architecture of Almaty in the end of XX and the beginning of XXI century. One of them is a strongly marked waviness in quantitative saturation with patterned elements of those or other parts of the buildings and structures. Testing this tool application for analyze of the other countries architecture development during more than one century will yield interesting results.

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