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Crystal structure and oxygen nonstoichiometry of oxides in the Ba-Me-Me’-Y-O (Me, Me’=Co, Fe) system

A. S. Urusova, A. V. Bryuzgina, T. V. Aksenova, V. A. Cherepanov


Polycrystalline BaМe1-xYxO3-δ(Me=Co, Fe) samples were synthesized by a conventional route and glycerol–nitrate technique. According XRD patterns of single phase solid solutions BaCo1-xYxO3-δ (0.1≤x≤0.4) and BaFe0.9-yY0.1CoyO3-δ(0.05≤y≤0.15) were indexed using Pm3m space group. The unit cell parameters were refined using Rietveld full-profile analysis. Oxygen nonstoichiometry of these solid solutions was measured by means of thermogravimetric technique within the temperature range 298–1273 K in air.


perovskite structure; barium cobaltites; barium ferrites

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Lomakov MV, Istomin SYa, Abakumov AM, Van Tendeloo G, Antipov EV. Synthesis and characterization of oxygen-deficient oxides BaCo1 − xYxO3 − y, x = 0.15, 0.25 and 0.33, with the perovskite structure. Solid State Ionics. 2008;179(33-4):1885-9. doi:10.1016/j.ssi.2008.05.004

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Copyright (c) 2015 A. S. Urusova, A. V. Bryuzgina, T. V. Aksenova, V. A. Cherepanov

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