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The mathematical description of the electrosynthesis of composites of oxy-hydroxycompounds cobalt with polypyrrole overooxidazed

V. V. Tkach, C. S. de Oliveira, J. Maia, B. G. Soares, R. Ojani, P. I. Yagodynets


The electrosynthesis of pereoxidized polypyrrole composite with oxy-hydroxy compounds cobalt in a strongly acidic environment has been described mathematically, using linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis. The conditions of stability of stationary states and self-oscillatory and monotonic instability have been described also. The system behavior was compared with behavior of other systems with pereoxidation, electropolymerization of heterocyclic compounds and electrosynthesis of the oxy-hydroxy compounds cobalt.


cobalt; polypyrrole; pereoxidation; self-oscillations; stable steady state

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