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Phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of oxide systems on the basis of rare earth, alkaline earth and 3d-transition (Mn, Fe, Co) metals. A short overview of

V. A. Cherepanov, L. Ya. Gavrilova, N. E. Volkova, A. S. Urusova, T. V. Aksenova, E. A. Kiselev


Review is dedicated studies of phase equilibria in the systems based on rare earth elements and 3d transition metals. It’s highlighted several structural families of these compounds and is shown that many were found interesting properties for practical application, such as high conductivity up to the superconducting state, magnetic properties, catalytic activity of the processes of afterburning of exhaust gases, the high mobility in the oxygen sublattice and more.


phase equilibrium; manganites; isobaric-isothermal diagrams; solid solutions

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