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The mechanism for the electrooxidation of procarbazine pharmaceutical preparation in alkaline media and its mathematical description

V. V. Tkach, S. C. de Oliveira, S. K. B. de Oliveira, R. Ojani, O. V. Elenich, P. I. Yagodynets


The mechanism for the electrooxidation of procarbazine in alkaline media has been proposed. The process is realized completely on the electrode surface and is adsorption-controlled. The oscillatory behavior in this case is more probable, than for neutral media and may be caused by the influences of electrochemical oxidation and salt dissolution from the electrode surface.


procarbazine; mathematical model; oxidation

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Copyright (c) 2016 V. V. Tkach, S. C. de Oliveira, S. K. B. de Oliveira, R. Ojani, O. V. Elenich, P. I. Yagodynets

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