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Differentiation of 2- and 6-isomers of (2-dimethylaminopropyl)benzofuran by tandem mass spectrometry

V. A. Shevyrin


Reliable identification of new psychoactive substances of 2-(2-methylaminopropyl)benzofuran and 6-(2-methylaminopropyl)benzofuran is problematic when analyzing by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method. It found that these two isomers can be reliably differentiated by MS/MS spectra obtained by collision-induced dissociation of their protonated molecules.


new psychoactive substances; amphetamine derivatives; chromatography – mass spectrometry; high-resolution mass spectrometry; EI spectra; CID spectra

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Melkozerov VP, Shevyrin VA. Electronic library of mass spectra of electron ionization «EKBDRUGS» (MS LIBRARY EKBDRUGS), certificate of state registration database No. 2015621086 [disk].


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