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Technology of the pilot production of the tetrahydroquinoline derivative (3aS*,4R*)-4-cyano-1,2,3,3а,4,5-hexahydro-1Н- pyrrolo[1,2-а]quinoline-4-carbothioamide

A. A. Poluikova, A. Yu. Platonova


The regulations of the pilot production of (3aS*,4R*)-4-cyano-1,2,3,3а,4,5-hexahydro-1Н-pyrrolo[1,2-а]quinoline-4-carbothioamide designed in Ltd. U-Synthesis is presented in the present work. Main steps of the production are considered, the material balance of the process, specification of main production steps and applied equipment are given.


tert-amino effect; cyclization; ortho-vinyl-N,N-dialkylanilines; Knoevenagel condensation; tetrahydroquinolines; CH-active compound

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