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The production of novolac oligomers

A. N. Galushchinsky, K. L. Obydennov


The paper presents the improvement of production technology of novolac phenol-formaldehyde oligo-mers by introducing the new scheme of capture of exhaust gases due to waste production, which leads to a reduction of costs and increase economic efficiency. The calculation of the material balance of the pro-duction of novolac phenol-formaldehyde oligomer at 300 kg/h of technical product is performed, the technological calculation of the basic equipment and selection of auxiliary equipment is produced. The apparatus scheme of production is made and the description of the process is represented. The draft of the main reactor is made.


phenol; formalin; oxalic acid; novolac; oligomer; the polycondensation reaction; material cal-culations; production technology; instrumental scheme

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