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Preparation and characterization of Bi26-2xMn2xMo10O69-d and Bi26.4Mn0.6Mo10-2yMe2yO69-d (Me = V, Fe) Solid Solutions

Z. A. Mikhaylovskaya, M. V. Morozova, E. S. Buyanova, S. A. Petrova, I. V. Nikolaenko, D. G. Kellerman


Single phase samples of bismuth molybdate, Bi26Mo10O69, doped with Mn on the bismuth sublattice and V, Fe on the molybdenum sublattice were found to crystallize in the triclinic Bi26Mo10O69 structure at low doping levels and in the monoclinic Bi26Mo10O69 structure - at higher dopant concentration. The assumption that all Mn ions have an oxidation state of +2 was confirmed by means of magnetic measurement results analysis using Curie-Weiss law. Conductivity was investigated using impedance spectroscopy. The conductivity of Bi26.4Mn0.6Mo9.6Fe0.4O69-d was 1.2*10-2 S*cm-1 at 973 K and 2.2*10-4 S*cm-1 at 623 K, and the conductivity of Bi26.4Mn0.6Mo9.2V0.8O69-d was 2.2*10-3 S*cm-1 at 973 K and 2.2*10-5 S*cm-1 at 623 K.


bismuth molybdates; solid electrolyte; columnar structure

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