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Potassium carbonate supported efficient synthesis of new diethyl arylphosphoramidates

P. V. Ramana, B. S. Krishna, N. B. Reddy, G. Sravaya, G. V. Zyryanov, C. S. Reddy


A series of some new diethyl arylphosphoramidates have been synthesized from the reaction of diethyl chlorophosphate with different amines in the presence of 5mol% of potassium carbonate catalyst. This reaction is operationally simple and efficient to afford the products with high yields in short reaction times. All the compounds synthesized were characterized by spectroscopic and elemental analysis. Summarizing our catalyst and solvent optimization studies we are reporting that potassium carbonate and DMSO is a best catalyst system for the synthesis of phosphoramidates.


phosphoramidates; efficient synthesis; potassium carbonate catalyst; DMSO

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