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Study and optimization of the synthesis routine of the single phase YBaCo2O6-δ double perovskite

A. L. Sednev, D. S. Tsvetkov


The chemical interaction of YCoO3-δ and BaCoO3-δ with formation of double perovskite was studied depending on temperature and oxygen partial pressure. The stability of YCoO3 was shown to have а crucial influence on the kinetics and mechanism of YBaCo2O6-δ formation. It was found that at 1000 °C in air, i.e. under conditions when YCoO3 is unstable, the double perovskite YBaCo2O6-δ is formed much slower compared to the pure oxygen atmosphere where YCoO3 is stable at the same temperature. Thus controlling YCoO3 stability was shown to be the factor of key importance for optimal preparation of the YBaCo2O6-δ single phase.


YBaCo2O6 synthesis, YCoO3 instability, pO2 acceleration, double perovskite synthesis, YBaCo2O5, YCoO3, BaCoO3

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