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Phase diagrams for the M2MoO4–Ln2(MoO4)3–Hf(MoO4)2 systems, where M = Li–Cs, Tl and Ln = La–Lu

Zh. G. Bazarova, V. G. Grossman, B. G. Bazarov, Yu. L. Tushinova, O. D. Chimitova, Ts. T. Bazarova


In this paper, the results of systematic studies of complex molybdate systems M2MoO4–Ln2(MoO4)3–Hf(MoO4)2 (M = Li–Cs, Tl; Ln = La–Lu) are presented. Subsolidus phase diagrams of ternary systems were constructed and new triple molybdates were obtained. The optimum synthesis conditions for poly- and monocrystalline form were determined. According to single-crystal data, the structure of one of the representatives of triple molybdates was determined.


phase equilibria; synthesis; oxide systems; lithium; sodium; potassium; rubidium; cesium; thallium; lanthanides; hafnium; crystal structure

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Copyright (c) 2017 Zh.G. Bazarova, V.G. Grossman, B.G. Bazarov, Yu.L. Tushinova, O.D. Chimitova, Ts.T. Bazarova

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