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Sheelite-related strontium molybdates: synthesis and characterization

Zoya Alekseevna Mikhaylovskaya, Elena Stanislavovna Buyanova, Sofia Aleksandrovna Petrova, Alena Andreevna Nikitina


The present research is devoted to the cationic-deficient SrMoO4-based sheelite-related complex oxides. The doping with bismuth to A sublattice and codoping with bismuth and vanadium (to A and B sublattices, respectively) were discussed. The X-Ray powder diffraction and infrared spectroscopy were used to investigate structural characteristics of the complex oxides. In
Sr1-1.5xBixMoO4, a superstructural ordering was observed. Conductivity and dielectric loss of ceramic samples are measured using alternating current.


sheelite; strontium molybdates; dielectric materials

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