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Crystal structure and properties of novel oxide Sm0.9Ca1.1Fe0.7Co0.3O4-d

Anastasia P. Galayda, Nadezhda E. Volkova, Anastasia I. Dyagileva, Ludmila Ya. Gavrilova, Vladimir A. Cherepanov, Peter D. Battle


Sm0.9Ca1.1Fe0.7Co0.3O4-δ oxide with the K2NiF4-type structure was prepared using a glycerin-nitrate technique. The XRD pattern of Sm0.9Ca1.1Fe0.7Co0.3O4-δ was refined by the Rietveld method within an orthorhombic structure (space group Bmab). The electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, and thermal expansion of Sm0.9Ca1.1Fe0.7Co0.3O4-δ were measured depending on temperature in air. The change of oxygen nonstoichiometry determined by TGA in air does not exceed 0.01. The oxygen content in Sm0.9Ca1.1Fe0.7Co0.3O4-δ determined by the reduction in a hydrogen flux is equal to 3.96 ± 0.01. The positive value of Seebeck coefficient indicates that the predominant charge carriers in the oxide studied are electron holes.


complex oxide; Ruddlesden-Popper phase; crystal structure; oxygen nonstoichiometry, electroconductivity; thermal expansion

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