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Synthesis and Properties of Vanadium Substituted Bismuth Tungstates with Fluorite-like Structure

Olga S. Kaimieva, Irina E. Sabirova, Elena S. Buyanova, Sophia A. Petrova


The samples of vanadium substituted bismuth tungstates with a cubic structure were obtained by solid state method. The unit cell volume of the compounds slightly contracts with increasing tungsten content and in case of vanadium doping. Thermal expansion coefficient of bismuth tungstate is equal to 13×10-6 °C-1. The electrical conductivity was investigated using ac impedance spectroscopy. The results showed that the substitution of tungsten with vanadium ions increased electrical conductivity values by one order of magnitude.


bismuth tungstate; fluorite-like structure; oxide-ion conductivity; solid electrolyte

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