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Determination of Bi in complex oxide samples by atomic absorption spectrometry by using ordinary acetylene – air flame atomization

Zoya A. Mikhaylovskaya, Elena S. Buyanova, Denis Yu. Smirnov


In the present work the air/acetylene flame atomic absorption spectrometry was used for bismuth determination in complex oxides. Interference studies were carried out, and interference with vanadium and molybdenum was detected. The method of standard additions and traditional calibration curve method were used. Calibration and standard addition curves were fitted with linear and polynomial functions. It was shown that using polynomial function gives better results for the standard additions method for determination of bismuth by acetylene/air flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The calibration curve method was shown to be correct at low (< 10mg/L) concentration of an interferent.


determination of bismuth; flame atomic absorption spectrometry; analysis of solid oxides

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