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Phase complex of the system Na,Ca||SO4,CO3,HCO3-H2O at 100 ºC

L. Soliev, M. T. Jumaev


The article discusses the results of determining the possible phase equilibria in geometric images of a five-component reciprocal water-salt system of sulfates, carbonates, sodium bicarbonates and calcium at 100 ºC with subsequent construction of its phase complex diagram. The laws that determine the structure of the phase complex diagram of this system are needed to be obtained for the production of scientific data used both as a reference material and also to create the optimal conditions for the recycling of liquid waste industrial production of aluminum-containing sulfate carbonate and bicarbonate salts of sodium and calcium. It was established that the system under study at 100ºC is characterized by the presence of 31 divariant double saturation fields, 25 monovariant  trisaturation curves and 14 invariant points.


translation method; phase complex diagram; geometric images

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