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Molecular Complexation of Hederasaponin C with Cholesterol in Aqueous Isopropyl Alcohol

L. A. Yakovishin, V. I. Grishkovets, E. N. Korzh, I. V. Golovchenko, A. A. Nagirnyak


The 1:1 molecular complex of ivy triterpene glycoside hederasaponin C (HedC) with cholesterol (Chol) was obtained in aqueous isopropyl alcohol. The stability constant of (3.3 ± 0.7)∙106 (mol/L)–1 was calculated for the complex. The complexation was studied by UV- and ATR IR-Fourier spectroscopy, and method of isomolar series. The hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions are formed in the molecular complex.


triterpene glycosides; hederasaponin C; cholesterol; molecular complex

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