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Obtaining cyclopentanone from acidic wastewater of caprolactam production

I. V. Tsvetkova, A. A. Golovanov, N. S. Reznikova, N. V. Chirkunova


It has been shown that adipic acid released from the by-products of caprolactam production is a promising raw material for the production of cyclopentanone. The thermal stability of calcium adipate was investigated by the derivatographic method and the conditions were selected that ensure the yield of at least 50% of the target cyclopentanone with a purity of at least 99%.


wastes from caprolactam production; adipic acid; cyclopentanone; derivatography; calcium adipate; gas chromatography

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Kisil IM, Preobrazhensky VA, Zolin VS, Gorodetskaya NI, Davydov YuI, Polikarpov AV, Salomykov VI. Method of utilization of acidic wastewater of caprolactam production: Pat. 2039740 Rus. Federation. 93009600/04; declared 02.24.1993; publ. 07/20/1995

Carbonyl compounds in the synthesis of heterocycles: K82 Coll. scientific. tr. / Ed. prof. A.P. Krivenko. Saratov: Publishing house "Scientific book", 2008. 324 p.


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