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Improving the environmental production of electrodes for solar panels

A. O. Patianova, K. Yu. Ivanova, L. G. Rogozhina, M. V. Kuzmin, V. L. Semenov


Biodegradable aminosiloxanes have been synthesized by the interaction of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane with monoethanolamine in the presence of a binary antioxidant and an alkali metal alcoholate. The synthesized compounds were used to develop flux compositions for tinning copper wire and producing electrodes for solar panels. The wetting ability, fluxing activity and biodegradability of the flux were investigated. The possibility of using a flux for hot tinning of copper wire is shown, which makes it possible to increase the environmental friendliness of the production of electrodes for solar panels.


flux; lead-free solder; solar panels; electrode; tinning; copper wire; biodegradable aminosiloxanes

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Copyright (c) 2020 A. O. Patianova, K. Yu. Ivanova, L. G. Rogozhina, M. V. Kuzmin, V. L. Semenov

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