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Phase equilibria in the YFeO3 – YСoO3 system in air

A. V. Bryuzgina, A. S. Urusova, I. L. Ivanov, V. A. Cherepanov


YFe1-xСоxO3 solid solutions were prepared by glycerol-nitrate technique. The homogeneity range of solid solutions was studied within the temperature range 1173 – 1573 K. A continues series of solid solution below the decomposition temperature of YСоO3, which was shown to be equal to 1266 ± 6 K, begins to narrow at higher temperatures and becomes equal to 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.1 at 1573 K. The phase diagram of the YFeO3 – YСoO3 system in the “T – composition” coordinates was divided into three fields. Similar to the parent ternary oxides, all single-phase YFe1-xСоxO3 solid solutions possess orthorhombically distorted perovskite structure (Pnma space group). Unusual behavior of orthorhombic distortions in YFe1-xСоxO3 with temperature was explained by probable changes in spin state of Co3+ ions.


solid solutions; perovskite crystal structure; phase diagram

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