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Detection of Anti-viral Drug Riamilovir and Herbicides in Aqueous Media by Using Pyrene-based Fluorescent Chemosensors

I. S. Kovalev, L. K. Sadieva, O. S. Taniya, D. S. Kopchuk, G. V. Zyryanov, E. N. Ulomsky, V. L. Rusinov, O. N. Chupakhin


Two ethyleneglycol esters of 1-pyrene carboxylic acid were studied as chemosensors for the fluorescence “turn-off” detection of two nitro-containing analytes, such as antiviral drug Riamilovir (Triazavirin ®) and herbicidal agent dinitro-ortho-cresol (DNOC). In both cases the dramatic fluorescence quenching was observed with quenching constants as high as 3·104 M-1 and limits of detection (LOD) as low as 100 ppb.


COVID-19; Riamilovir (Triazavirin ®); DNOC; detection in aqueous media; chemical sensors; pyrene-based fluorophores; fluorescence quenching

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