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Silica gel functionalized with imidazolium group via click chemistry – new stationary phase for ion chromatography

D. A. Chuprynina, I. A. Lupanova, V. V. Konshin, D. N. Konshina


This manuscript describes the preparation of a simple effective ion-exchange material based on silica gel, on the surface of which methylimidazolium bromide is fixed using a click reaction. The resulting material was used as a stationary phase for the separation and determination of Cl, NO2, NO3, I, and SO42– using ion exchange chromatography. The separation efficiency and retention factors for the selected anions were studied in the pH range 3.5–6.5. The proposed material was used for the determination of Cl, SO42– in water and can be suggested for successful use in real water samples.


click reaction, ion exchange, modified silica

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