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Synthesis, crystal structure, and thermal stability of double borate Na3ErB2O6

Alexey K. Subanakov, Evgeniy V. Kovtunets, Bair G. Bazarov, Jibzema G. Bazarova


Double borate Na3ErB2O6 was synthesized by the solid-state reaction. The crystal structure of Na3ErB2O6 was refined by the Rietveld method: P21/c, a = 6.49775(14) Å, = 8.50424(17) Å, = 12.0067(3) Å, β = 118.4797(9)°, = 4. The crystal structure of Na3ErB2O6 consists of –[ErO6]-chains along the "b" axis, which are linked by BO3 triangles in a three-dimensional framework. Sodium atoms occupy empty positions inside the channels. The thermal behavior of Na3ErB2O6 was studied in detail in the range of 25–1150 °C range by DSC and TG methods. Na3ErB2O6 congruently melts at 1116 °C. Based on the results of DSC measurements, three reversible phase transitions were found for Na3ErB2O6.


sodium rare-earth borate; solid-state reaction; crystal structure; Rietveld refinement; thermal analysis

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Copyright (c) 2021 Alexey K. Subanakov, Evgeniy V. Kovtunets, Bair G. Bazarov, Jibzema G. Bazarova

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