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New triple molybdate and tungstate Na5Rb7Sc2(XO4)9 (X = Mo, W)

Tatyana S. Spiridonova, Aleksandra A. Savina, Evgeniy V. Kovtunets, Elena G. Khaikina


New compounds of the composition Na5Rb7Sc2(XO4)9 (X = Mo, W) were obtained via the ceramic technology. The sequences of chemical transformations occurring during the formation of these compounds were established, and their primary characterization was performed. Both Na5Rb7Sc2(XO4)9 (X = Mo, W) were found to melt incongruently at 857 K (X = Mo) and 889 K (X = W). They are isostructural to Ag5Rb7Sc2(XO4)9 (X = Mo, W), Na5Cs7Ln2(MoO4)9 (Ln = Tm, Yb, Lu) and crystallize in the trigonal crystal system (sp. gr. R32). The crystal structures were refined with the Rietveld method using the powder X-ray diffraction data. The thermal expansion of Na5Rb7Sc2(WO4)9 was studied by high-temperature powder X-ray diffraction; it was shown that this triple tungstate belongs to high thermal expansion materials.


sodium; rubidium; scandium; triple molybdate; triple tungstate; synthesis; crystal structure; thermal expansion

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