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PEG- 4000 increases solubility and dissolution rate of vinpocetin in solid dispersion system

Yulia A. Polkovnikova, Tamara N. Glizhova, Naira V. Arutyunova, Natalya N. Sokulskaya


In the present work investigations were performed concerned with the determination of the optimal ratio of vinpocetine and polyethylene glycol within a solid dispersion (1:2 or 1:5) according to the simulation results in the framework of molecular dynamics associated with the release of the reactant into aqueous medium. For the simulation of vinpocetine release from its alloy with polyethylene glycol a technique of coarse-grained molecular dynamics in the force field of Martini 2.2 was applied with the use of Gromacs 2018 computer program. Results of the simulation demonstrated that at pH 6.8 polyethylene glycol facilitated vinpocetine solubilization and thus considerably enhanced its solubility in water. The data obtained show that the values of the energies of van der Waals interaction between vinpocetine and the polymer, as well as vinpocetine and water, both at a ratio of 1:2 and at a ratio of 1:5 are similar.


vinpocetin; solid dispersion system; PEG-4000; dissolution rate

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