Development of technology for deposition of thick copper layers onto ceramic substrates applied in power electronics

Yuri K. Nepochatov, Pyotr M. Pletnev, Vladimir F. Kosarev, Tatiana S. Gudyma


The basic element of the design of a power module is a metallized ceramic substrate. In this work, the formation of metallization coatings by the method of thermal transfer of metallization pastes (Mo-Mn-Si + binder) for alumina and aluminum nitride ceramics was carried out. The fixing of the metallization coating on the ceramic substrate was performed by firing at a temperature of 1320 °C. The subsequent deposition of the copper layer was carried out by the method of cold gas-dynamic spraying (CGDS) followed by annealing of the deposited coating. For high-quality adhesion, the optimum annealing temperature was 1000 °C.


ceramics; metallization coating; aluminum nitride; copper; adhesion

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