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Conversion of model C6–C9 alkanes and straight-run gasoline over Pt(0.1%)-Fe(5%)/Al2O3 catalysts promoted with various additives

Arai K. Zhumabekova, Lyazzat K. Tastanova, Raigul O. Orynbassar, Yermek A. Aubakirov, Elvira B. Zhunusova


Growing demand for hydrogen promotes the research devoted to the development of new catalysts for hydrocarbons processing in absence of H2 or at its low concentration. In the present work, it was shown that during the conversion of straight-run gasoline on a zeolite-containing polyfunctional catalyst in a hydrogen-free environment cracking, dehydrogenation, isomerization and alkylation take place due to the redistribution of H2 between initial and formed products directly on the catalyst surface. Fine particles (≤50 Å) localize in zeolite cavities and pores of aluminum oxide, while larger ones are on their outer surface.


C6–C9 n-alkanes; straight-run gasoline; zeolite-containing catalyst; modification; additives

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