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Influence of alloying (Cr, Fe, Ni) on the corrosion resistance of layers formed by electron-beam processing

Evdokiya Bushueva, Evgeniy Turlo, Evgeniya Kladieva, Veronica Sulyaeva, Elizaveta Pukhova


The paper presents the results of comparative analysis of the properties of coatings based on chromium, nickel and iron borides. The alloy obtained in the process of electron-beam surfacing of the powder mixture “amorphous boron – 10 wt.% chromium” has the best properties. This is explained by the structures, fine chromium borides Cr2B and complex iron borides (Fe, Cr)2B, distributed in the austenitic matrix. The material modified in this way in a nitric acid solution corrodes at a rate of 0.02 mm/year. In sulfuric acid, its corrosion rate is 0.81 mm/year.


stainless steel; corrosion resistance; surface modification; electron beam; metal borides

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