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Mechanochemical recrystallization: Forgotten basics and new possibilities

Farit Kh. Urakaev, Natalya V. Khan, Almagul I. Niyazbayeva, Dinar N. Zharlykasimova, Mukhambetkali M. Burkitbayev


The task of this article is to update, develop and introduce into scientific practice the method of "mechanochemical recrystallization" in solid-phase systems with small additives of the liquid phase of the solvent and solid-phase precursors to stabilize the formed nanoparticles. The essence of this method is shown using the example of mechanical activation of the S–AgNO3–NH4X system, where X = Cl, Br, I, with the addition of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), and the resulting mechanochemical synthesis of sulfur-containing nanocomposites S/AgX with the controlled content of sulfur nanoparticles (nanosulfur). The predetermined content of nanosulfur in nanocomposites is ensured by a continuous process of dissolution-crystallization (recrystallization) of starting sulfur in the DMSO medium in a mechanochemical reactor. The proposed technical solution made it possible to obtain S/AgX nanocomposites by a single mechanical treatment of powder precursors – AgNO3, NH4Х, NH4NO3 (diluent), commercial sulfur and DMSO in planetary ball mills with various milling tools. The method also includes washing the water-soluble components of mechanosynthesis.


mechanical activation; sulfur; silver halides; dimethyl sulfoxide; recrystallization; nanocomposites

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