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Substutited molybdates of bismuth on a basis of Bi13Mo5O34±δ: production and properties

Z. A. Mikhailovskaya, E. S. Buyanova, S. A. Petrova, R. G. Zakharov


The present work is devoted to the investigation of the methods of a synthesis and properties of the one of the most interesting one-dimensional oxygen –ion conductors, the Bi13Mo5O34±δ –based complex oxides. The general compositions of these bismuth molybdates are Bi13Mo5-хMeхO34-δ, and Bi13-yMeyMo5O34-δ, with Me = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba (IIA group) and Co, Fe, Ni (Fe triade). The samples have been synthesized using conventional ceramic technology. The powders and pellets of the bismuth molybdates were studied by X-Ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, laser dispersion, dilatometry, atom absorption and inductively-coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry. Electrical conductivity has been studied using impedance spectroscopy method.


bismuth molybdates; oxygen-ionic conductivity; ion transport; x-ray diffraction; electron microscopy


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