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Luminescent properties of complexly substituted oxides Ме2Ln8 (XO4)6O2 (Me=Sr, Ca; Ln=La, Gd, Eu; X= Si, P)

A. A. Vasin, M. G. Zuev


In the current work it is established that the maximum intensity of a luminescence of crystalline phosphors with structure silicate-apatite of general formulae: Ca2Eu8Si6(1-x)P6xO26, Sr2Gd7.2Eu0.8Si6(1-x)P6xO26 and Ca2La8(1-x)Eu8xSi6O26 is reached at concentration of europium equal 0,15. The maximum intensity of a luminescence of these substances, at replacement in an anion sublattice of tetrahedrons [SiO4]4- on tetrahedrons [PO4]3- takes place at concentration of phosphorus 0,05.


photoluminescence; phosphor; solid solutions; rare earth metals


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