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High purity β-Bi2O3 preparation by thermal decomposition of tartrates

Evgeniya V. Timakova, Tatiana E. Timakova, Liubov I. Afonina


The processes of oxidative thermolysis of bismuth(III) DL-tartrate BiC4H3O6 obtained by the interaction of high-purity basic bismuth(III) nitrates [Bi6O4(OH)4](NO3)6·H2O and [Bi6O5(OH)3](NO3)5·3H2O with DL-tartaric acid solution have been investigated. The products of precipitation have been studied by methods of X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis, IR and Raman spectroscopy and chemical analysis. The staging of thermal transformation processes has been determined. Morphological studies and grain size analysis of initial precursors and final products of their thermal transformations have been carried out. The possibility of obtaining fine crystalline powders of tetragonal bismuth(III) oxide modification β-Bi2O3 by oxidative thermolysis of DL-BiC4H3O6 has been shown.


basic bismuth(III) nitrate; DL-tartaric acid; X-ray diffraction; thermal transformations; β-bismuth(III) oxide; fine-crystal powders

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