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The study of self-assembly and self-organization of atomic metal nanoparticles of iron group by Monte Carlo method

M. S. Grishko, M. S. Zhukovsky, S. A. Beznosyuk


The solution of the study of self-assembly and self-organization of compact nanoparticles from the swarm of atomical nanoparticles by the example of Fe-Co is set out in the report. To perform the numerical experiment was used Monte Carlo method. The analysis of synthesis atomic clusters of magnetic nanoparticles of iron subgroup in quantum-entangled (η = 1) and quantum -nonentangled (η = 0) states is given. It is shown that the result nanosynthesis depends not only on the outside thermodynamic parameters, but also on the self-assembly and self-organization of nanosystem due to activation of the inner quantum electron degrees of freedom.


nanoparticles; iron group; nanocluster; self-assembly; Monte Carlo method


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