Submitting, reviewing and publishing

Rules for submitting, reviewing and publishing of scientific articles and manuscripts to the journal “Chimica Techno Acta”

1. Only original scientific works capable of a significant contribution to the development of theoretical and applied chemistry are accepted to the journal “Chimica Techno Acta”. In this regard, as well as in order to provide a quality service to our authors, submitted to the editorial manuscripts must comply with mandatory requirements.

2. Since 2017, only articles in English are accepted for consideration and further published.
The journal “Chimica Techno Acta” contains 3 types of publications:

  • Articles. Must contain original, previously unpublished results of research in the field of theoretical and applied chemistry, the volume of the article should not exceed 15 printed pages.
  • Letters to the editor. Must contain original results of scientific research, which have significant novelty, which makes it necessary to write a short article quickly, the volume
  • 3-4 printed pages.
  • Reviews. Should be devoted to the fields of chemistry, which are of considerable interest for chemistry in general. The review should provide the reader with up-to-date information and describe the state of research in this field, highlighting existing problems and prospects for the development of the topic. The volume should not exceed 35 pages. It is necessary to pre-discuss the topic of the review article with the editorial staff. Authors should send in advance a short abstract with a description of the main provisions of the review.

The manuscript (for publication of any kind) should be submitted to the editor in the format MS Office (.doc, .docx) or .rtf. The template for the manuscript formatting (article) is located at:
All requirements for the structure of the article, including instructions for the design of illustrations, tables and links, are contained in the text of the template.

3. The author sends manuscripts to the editorial office via the Internet, using the System for sending articles to the Journal. To access the System for sending articles, the author needs to register on the Journal's website.
In addition to the text of the article, the authors should attach a cover letter to the editorial board, which contains the justification for the scientific significance of the work presented. Also, in the text of the cover letter, the Author can offer potential reviewers, as well as provide information about researchers who do not wish to submit an article for a review.
The text of the cover letter is filled in the text box "Comments for the editor" in step 1 of the manuscript download. All metadata of the article should be filled with Latin (for names and surnames) or in English.
It is allowed to send the text of the manuscript and cover letter to the editorial representative or the editor in case if for some reason the authors can not complete the article via the System for sending articles of the Journal.

4. According to the established procedure, all scientific articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal are compulsorily reviewed, organized by the editorial board in the following order.
The responsible editor determines the correspondence of the article to the journal's profile, the requirements for registration, and, in the case of compliance with all the requirements, directs the article for the first consideration to the head of the department (member of the editorial board) on whose profile the article goes to check the scientific context of the manuscript.
Further, the article is sent for peer review to external reviewers (at least two) specialists, ScD / PhD with the closest scientific specialization to the topic of the article, as well as practitioners with recognized authority and working in the field of knowledge, to which refers to the contents of the manuscript.
The information on desirable and undesirable reviewers, given by the Authors in the cover letter, is of an advisory nature and is not a decisive parameter in the selection process of the reviewer.
The journal Chimica Techno Acta uses a peer review scheme, according to which reviewers are not known to authors, and the names of the reviewers are open to reviewers.

5. An informed decision on whether to send the manuscript (hereinafter referred to as an article) for a review or to refuse publication is made within 10 calendar days from the date of submission of the manuscript. The review by the reviewer of the article on each round of review is limited to 10 working days.

6. The review covers the following issues:

  • Does the content of the article appear in the title?
  • How much the article corresponds to modern achievements in the field of chemistry and chemical technology?
  • Accessibility of the article to readers in terms of language, style, layout of material, visualization of tables, diagrams, shapes and formulas.
  • Is it expedient to publish the article taking into account the novelty of the materials of the article?
  • To what extent the materials described in the article correspond to modern scientific concepts and methods of research? Whether the conclusions made in the course of the work are applicable to the practice of the industry or contribute to the fundamental science?
  • What are the shortcomings, corrections and additions proposed for the author?

Types of summaries: A) Recommended for publication without changes, B) Recommended with correction of the deficiencies noted by the reviewer, C) Not recommended for publication in the journal “Chimica Techno Acta”.

7. Based on the results of the review, the article can be:

A) Rejected
In case of refusal to publish an article, the editorial board shall send a reasoned refusal to the author within 10 calendar days.
Not allowed for publication:

  • Articles that do not correspond to the subject of the journal.
  • Articles containing the results of studies conducted at a low level, or those with insufficient scientific novelty of work.
  • Articles, the authors of which do not take into account the constructive remarks of the reviewer or reasonably do not refute them.
  • Articles not issued in accordance with the requirements of the editorial staff, whose authors refuse to update the articles.
  • Articles with a low quality of translation into English, which does not allow unambiguous interpretation of the text.
  • Articles that do not comply with the provisions of editorial ethics, in particular, if there is an academic dishonesty of the Authors. Information on the current editorial policy and editorial ethics is available on the information page

An article not recommended by reviewers for publication is not accepted for reconsideration. The text of the negative conclusion is to be sent to the author through the System for sending articles to the site of the journal “Chimica Techno Acta” and/or by e-mail.

B) Sent to the author for revision
An article accepted for publication but requiring further development is to be sent to the authors with the comments of the reviewer and the editor through the System for sending articles to the site of the journal Chimica Techno Acta.
Authors should make all necessary corrections to the new version of the manuscript and download text and corrected materials (tables, diagrams, figures) through the System for sending articles, together with a cover letter to the referee. Authors should make all necessary corrections to the new version of the manuscript and download text with corrected materials (tables, diagrams, figures) and a cover letter to the reviewer through the System for sending articles. The article revised by the author is sent to the next round of review. At least one of the initial reviewers participates in the second and subsequent rounds of review. The revised article should be downloaded via the System to send articles no later than 14 calendar days after receiving the review.

C) Accepted for publication
A positive review is not a sufficient basis for the publication of the article. The final decision on publication is taken by the editorial board headed by the editor-in-chief of the journal Chimica Techno Acta. After the editorial board of the journal Chimica Techno Acta decides to publish the article, the author is informed about it through the System for sending articles to the site of the magazine Chimica Techno Acta and / or by e-mail. After approval of the manuscript for publication, it is formatted and ready-made proofs are sent to the authors in PDF format for final proofreading.

8. The originals of reviews are kept in the editorial office of the magazine "Chimica Techno Acta" for at least 3 years.

9. The next issue of the Journal is approved by the editor-in-chief or his deputy and sent to the printing house to print the magazine's circulation. The responsible editor places an electronic version of the next issue of the magazine on the website of the magazine "Chimica Techno Acta". The editorial board transfers part of the numbers for dissemination through subscription or in another way, and also distributes mandatory copies for the book chamber and halls of periodical literature and uploads data for the scientific electronic library (NEB) within three months after the issue number.

Editor-in-chief ___________ Dr. Zuev. A.