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Layered and hexagonal perovskites as novel classes of proton-conducting solid electrolytes. A focus review

Natalia A. Tarasova, Irina E. Animitsa, Anzhelika O. Galisheva, Dmitry A. Medvedev


Solid oxide electrolytes have attracted significant attention due to their possible applications in energy conversion devices, including solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and electrolysis cells (SOECs). Although a large amount of data has been accumulated to date, the design of new representatives of ionic electrolytes is of unquenchable interest. In this paper, a review of the new classes of proton-conducting solid electrolytes is provided. The physicochemical and transport properties of layered perovskites (BaNdInO4, BaNdScO4, SrLaInO4, BaLaInO4) and hexagonal perovskites (Ba7Nb4MoO20, Ba5Er2Al2ZrO13 and Ba5In2Al2ZrO13) were analyzed and summarized. Based on the performed analysis, the most promising compositions among the considered phases were identified and the effective approaches aimed at improving their functional characteristics were provided.


layered perovskite; Ruddlesden-Popper structure; hexagonal perovskite; proton conductivity; SOFCs; SOECs

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