Introductory editorial for Electrochemical Materials and Technologies

Denis A. Osinkin, Oksana R. Rakhmanova


Dear Colleagues, welcome to Electrochemical Materials and Technologies!

The dramatic increase of industrial production and global demand for materials prosperity in the past decades have created serious and far-reaching environmental issues. Around the world, researchers in the fields of materials and technologies closely related to electrochemistry have made tremendous efforts to address these issues. The fast-growing number of high-quality publications in peer-reviewed scholarly journals certifies this. The publishing community keeps seeking for more efficient venues to share new findings and maximize their impacts. The dramatic growth of original research output on this topic worldwide poses challenges on the sustainability of the current publishing ecosystem. With the gracious support of the Ural Federal University and the Institute of High Temperature Electrochemistry, we are glad to announce a new fully open-access journal, Electrochemical Materials and Technologies, to respond to the growing demand for trustworthy platforms for a rapid dissemination of high-quality original research papers, short letters, and reviews in the fields of materials and technologies for the electrochemistry demands.


Dr. Denis Osinkin and Dr. Oksana Rakhmanova

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