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Heterovalent and isovalent doping of bilayer proton-conducting perovskite SrLa2Sc2O7

Nataliia A. Tarasova


Perovskite or perovskite-related structural materials are widely studied for their many functional properties. They can be used as components of energy sources such as solid oxide fuel cells. Along with classical perovskites, layered perovskites can also carry out high-temperature proton transport and are promising materials for use in electrochemical power engineering. In this paper, the possibility of heterovalent and isovalent doping of La and Sc sublattices of bilayer perovskite SrLa2Sc2O7 was made for the first time. It was shown that electrical conductivity increases in the row of bilayer perovskites SrLa2ScInO7 – SrLa2Sc2O7 – BaLa2In2O7 – BaNd2In2O7.


layered perovskite; oxygen-ion conductivity; proton conductivity; hydrogen energy; Ruddlesden-Popper structure

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