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Short review on recent studies and prospects of application of rare-earth-doped La2NiO4+δ as air electrodes for solid-oxide electrochemical cells

Elena Yu. Pikalova, Ekaterina M. Guseva, Elena A. Filonova


Solid solutions based on the rare earth substituted lanthanum nickelate La2NiO4+δ are considered as promising air electrode materials for electrochemical applications. The present focus review summarizes recently published papers dealing with synthesis methods and investigations of the crystal structure, physicochemical properties, oxygen diffusion and electrochemical activity of La2–xLnxNiO4+δ (Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd) electrode materials. It highlights the application advantages and drawbacks of the Ln-substituted La2NiO4+δ for solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cells and compared to the non-substituted La2NiO4+δ.


solid oxide fuel cells; air electrode; Ruddlesden – Popper phases; lanthanum nickelate; rare-earth element

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