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Proton-conducting oxides based on LaScO3: structure, properties and electrochemical applications. A focus review

Ekaterina P. Antonova


Solid state proton conductors are promising materials for various electrochemical applications. LaScO3 - based oxides are representatives of the proton-conducting oxides with perovskite structure, alternative to conventional cerates and zirconates of alkaline-earth elements. These oxides exhibit a sufficient level of proton conductivity with a combination of good chemical stability in the H2O and CO2 - containing atmospheres. The current review is focused on summarizing and analyzing of the currently available data on LaScO3 - based oxides. The peculiarities of crystal structure and proton defect formation, aspects of synthesis and obtaining dense ceramics, and electrical properties are provided. Additionally, the current state of applications in electrochemical devices of LaScO3 - based oxides is briefly discussed.


LaScO3; proton-conducting oxide; electrical conductivity; perovskite; SOFC

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