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Approaches for the preparation of dense ceramics and sintering aids for Sr/Mg doped lanthanum gallate: focus review

Egor V. Gordeev, Natalia M. Porotnikova


This review focuses on Sr/Mg doped lanthanum gallate and its use as a dense electrolyte for medium-temperature solid oxide electrochemical devices. Methods for synthesizing the material are discussed, including techniques that lower the temperature required to attain a single-phase crystalline structure. The effects of secondary phases and grain size on conductivity of ceramics are also investigated. Moreover, the techniques used for compacting electrolyte powder and reducing energy expenses, as well as the impacts of sintering aids on ceramic properties, are analyzed. The potential advantages and disadvantages of the proposed alterations to generate an electrolyte from doped lanthanum gallate are evaluated.


lanthanum gallate; synthesis; methods; sintering aids; ceramic compacting

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