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Econometric models of tax reforms

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Vol 7, No 2 (2021) Modelling of a relative income tax bracket-based progression with the effect of a slower tax burden growth Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Dmitry E. Lapov, Igor A. Mayburov
Vol 7, No 1 (2021) Long-run equilibrium between personal income tax and economic growth in Bulgaria Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Stoyan Tanchev
Vol 7, No 1 (2021) Assessment of the effectiveness of anti-COVID tax support for innovation activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in OECD countries Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Alina O. Shapovalova, Yuriy B. Ivanov, Victoriia F. Tyschenko, Vlada V. Karpova
Vol 6, No 3 (2020) The Influence of Taxes on Inflows and Outflows of Foreign Direct Investment Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Igor M. Drapkin
Vol 6, No 3 (2020) The Fiscal Policy of Bulgaria from the Standpoints of the Business Cycle and the Twin Deficits Hypothesis Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Ivan Todorov, Kalina Durova
Vol 6, No 2 (2020) Analytic Hierarchy Process in Czech Taxpayers’ Decision-Making Regarding their Tax Liability Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Michal Krajňák
Vol 6, No 2 (2020) Evaluation of Russian Economic Sectors’ Sensitivity to Tax Burden Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Evgeny V. Balatsky, Natalia A. Ekimova
Vol 5, No 3 (2019) Modelling of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions in the Republic of Belarus Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Irina A. Loukianova, Maria A. Shkliarova, Stanislav Yu. Vysotsky
Vol 5, No 3 (2019) Tax Buoyancy and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence of Bulgaria Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Stoyan Tanchev, Ivan Todorov
Vol 5, No 2 (2019) The Impact of Tax Reforms on the Behaviour of Economic Agents (Indirect Taxation in Russia and the USA) Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Evgeny V. Balatsky, Natalya A. Ekimova
Vol 5, No 2 (2019) Improving the Efficiency of Anti-Tax Base Erosion Regimes through Tax Modelling Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Liudmila V. Polezharova
Vol 3, No 3 (2017) World Experience and Russian Practice of the Pension System’s Revenue Formation: Mathematic Methods of Estimation Abstract   Без имени (Русский)
Sergey A. Budko, Dmitry Yu. Fedotov
Vol 2, No 3 (2016) Fiscal or monetary stimulus? Evolutionary arguments for tax reforms Abstract   PDF
Valentine P. Vishnevsky, Alexey V. Polovyan
Vol 2, No 2 (2016) Evaluation of tax burden admissibility in the Crimea and Sevastopol Abstract   PDF
Maria O. Kakaulina
Vol 1, No 2-3 (2015) Assessing regulatory impact of statutory and legal act in the taxation sphere on small business entities Abstract   PDF
Yury B. Ivanov, Yulia M. Malyshko
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