Development of regional strategies in Russia: the case of Sverdlovsk region

Elisaveta A. Ulyanova


The article discusses the recent renewal of the ‘Strategy for Socio-Economic Development of Sverdlovsk Region until 2030’ and its ‘Action Plan’. Both of these documents were brought into compliance with the Federal Law № 172-ФЗ ‘On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation’. In the region’s strategic planning it was the first time that the communicative approach was applied. Drafting the strategic documents necessitated setting priorities in the long-term development of the region. 
The article describes the methodology for designing the region’s strategic documentation and the drafting process and provides schemes of strategic planning realized in Sverdlovsk region. The article outlines the key provisions of the ‘Strategy of Socio-Economic Development of Sverdlovsk Region for the Period Between 2016 and 2030’ and the ‘Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy’. Drawing from the experience of Sverdlovsk region, recommendations are given on optimization of strategic planning on regional and municipal levels.


strategic planning; strategy; action plan; long-term forecast; socio-economic development; regional policy; regional development

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