The state of agriculture and rural development in Serbia

T. Gajić, A. Vujko, D. Cvijanović, M. Penić, S. Gagić


Serbia is a big chance of Europe for all its natural and resource predispositions. Primarily when it comes to soil quality, climatic conditions, and location. The entire economy of Serbia fell into a stagnation position, after all the turbulent events that hit the region in the late 1990s, and even Serbia itself. The developmental chance of Serbia is certainly primarily agriculture and rural development. With these values, Serbia will become a strong competitor to many countries in the region and Europe. The authors of the paper, using the statistical documentation, pointed to the current state of rural development and agricultural development in the country. The preconditions for a more dynamic restructuring of Serbian agriculture and rural development: active role of the state, as well as high private sector initiatives. However, the following aspects for the development of rural Serbia are of key importance: improving the quality of life of the rural population, a more equal share in the distribution of income and economic opportunities, and their more just social position. Balanced and socially sustainable development of rural areas requires synergy and good coordination of all policies that are in contact with rural areas and their resources. The particular responsibility lies in the agricultural policy, which, through the regulation of structural changes in the sector, should ensure the stability of agricultural production, food industry and forestry as the leading rural economy sectors, thus contributing to the economic development of rural areas and reducing the gap in relation to urban centers.


rurality; development; agriculture; economy; transition; Serbia

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