Strategic priorities of cooperation between Heilongjiang province and Russia

Linlin Song


During the five-year period of implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, Heilongjiang Province, which is one of the nine Chinese border provinces, has actively responded to the national development policy and achieved some impressive results in its strategic cooperation with the Russian Far East. The article characterizes the current state of Heilongjiang Province’s relationship with Russia and describes its strategic plans for findings new paths of cooperation as a result of the province’s integration into the Belt and Road Initiative and participation in China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor construction. The key projects crucial for the province’s development are the Eastern Land-Sea Silk Road Economic Belt (hereinafter referred to as the Eastern Silk Road Belt) and the Heilongjiang Land-Sea Silk Road Economic Belt (hereinafter referred to as Longjiang Silk Road Belt). Both projects are aimed at increasing the interconnectedness between regions and countries, promoting international trade and fostering understanding and tolerance. The article describes the background, objectives, results and problems associated with these projects in Heilongjiang Province and their role in ensuring further socio-economic development of the territory. Finally, recommendations are given concerning the main areas of cooperation between the province and Russia: these include modernization of trade (e-commerce), fostering cooperation in the industrial sphere and agriculture, and opening a free cross-border trade zone.


Belt and Road Initiative; Heilongjiang Province; Eastern Silk Road Belt; Longjiang Silk Road Belt; strategic planning; cooperation

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