Prospects of development of the transnational transport corridor of the northern sea route based on Sabetta sea port

Natalya A. Vukovic, Zhanna A. Mingaleva, Andrey V. Mekhrentsev


The Northern Sea Route (NSR) and the opportunities it offers for international transportation networks is widely discussed not only in academic literature but also by the wider public. The purpose of this article is to analyze the economic and logistical prerequisites for the development of the NSR-based project, its opportunities and threats in the light of Russia’s regional development. The article also focuses on the potential of the sea port of Sabetta, which may be turned into a transnational transport hub. The possibility of development of intermodal terminals is also discussed. The project presented in this article is based on the multimodal transport approach. The methodological framework relies on the method of branches, arbitrary variation in network programming, and graphical modelling. The analysis has shown that in its current state, the transportation network is insufficient and requires further expansion and modernization. The authors conclude that the capacities of Sabetta need to be supplemented with a modern network of railway, river and motor transport. This project may be expected to become a driver for regional development of the Urals and Siberia, create new jobs and attract foreign investment. The results of the study can be used for strategic planning of regional development of Russia’s northern regions.


transnational transport corridor (TNC); transnational transport system; transport corridor; Arctic; Northern Sea Route (NSR), Sabetta sea port

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